Buying a spec home vs. custom home has the distinct advantage of allowing you to move into your new home faster. However, before your choose that option, you may want to consider both the advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for quality custom home builder in the Kawartha Lakes region, contact Conlin Premier Construction​ today. Conlin has gained a reputation for being a reputable builder that takes the greatest care in all of their projects, which will make them the perfect custom home builder for you.

Spec Home vs Custom Home

One of the latest trends in real estate today is spec home building.A spec home is one that has been built under the speculation that they will find a potential buyer who is willing to purchase the house. This means that these brand new custom built homes are completed or almost completed before they have actually been sold. In contrast, a custom built home is one in which the person building the home is the one who intends on keeping and living in that home when it is finished.

Spec home vs custom home comparison

Disadvantages of Purchasing a Spec Home

As previously stated, the biggest advantage of purchasing a spec home is that you can move into your new home quicker. Purchasing a home that is already complete or almost complete means that you also haven't had to take the time required to make all of the necessary decisions typically involved in building a custom home. This brings with it some definite disadvantages.

Purchasing a Spec Home Means You Have Had Little or No Control Over the Interior / Exterior of Your Home

When you purchase a ​spec home​, you are usually making your purchase once the home has been completed or nearly completed. This means that all of the decisions about the layout, design, materials and features have already been made for you.

It is highly unlikely that you will find a spec home that precisely matches your tastes and layout requirements. If you come in partway through the building process, you may be able to request some layout change, but these changes might be added to the final price of your home.

With a ​custom home​, you have complete control over the design, layout, materials and features. You get to choose exactly what you want and what will best suit your needs and tastes.

custom home office
Building a custom home allows you to choose the layout that meet your particular needs

Purchasing a Spec Home Means That You Will Have No Relationship with the Builder

When you purchase a spec home, you will probably not be able to develop much of a relationship with your builder like you would if you were building the home from the start. You will not be able to see firsthand what type of work has gone into the construction of your home.

With a custom home, you get to ​choose the builder​ that you want to construct your home. You can do your research and choose one that has a good reputation for high quality work. Because you will be working closely with this ​builder​, you will be able to establish trust and confidence with them. If you have concerns or would like something adjusted, you can do that while your home is being built.

quality construction
Building your own custom home allows you to see the quality of your builder's work, firsthand

Purchasing a Spec Home Means that You May be Paying Extra for Features that You Don't Actually Need or Want

When you buy a spec home, you will probably find that it has features that you don't actually need. It is virtually impossible to find a home that has already been built that will be exactly what you want. The extra features may also put up the price tag.

If you are building your own custom home, you will only be choosing and paying for the features that you actually want.

custom home features
Building a custom home means you get to choose and only pay for the features you want

Purchasing a Spec Home Means that There Is a Greater Likelihood of Future Renovations

Even though you may be happy to settle on a home that doesn't meet all of your requirements for the advantage of being able to move in quickly, you may find that once you move in, there are things that you realize really need to be changed to suit you. Not only can renovations be costly, but they are very disruptive to your life and often drag on longer than originally planned.

Building a custom home means that even though it may take you longer before you can move in, you will be getting it right the first time and you won’t have to face a big renovation in the future.

When Should You Start to Work with a Builder

If you are planning to build a custom home, the sooner you start working with your chosen builder the better. Preparing the site and the initial building is best not done during the winter. Once your home is framed and the roof is in place, the rest of the construction can be done at any time of the year, even in the winter. To learn more about building times check out our post “​How long does it take to build a custom built home?”

spec home vs. custom home
When you build a custom home you will probably not be facing renovations in the near future
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