Custom Building vs. Move in Ready Home: Which is the best choice for you? Read on as we compare the two approaches and outline the advantages and disadvantages that they present. If you are planning on building your own home and are looking for a quality custom home builder in the Kawartha Lakes region, contact Conlin Premier Construction today.

Custom Building vs. Move In Ready Home: How Do They Compare?


Move In Ready Home: It is difficult to find that perfect home amongst all of the move in ready ones on the market. You may find yourself searching endlessly for the right layout and style only to find that you have to settle for something that is ‘just okay,’ but not exactly what you want.

Custom Home: The biggest advantage of building a custom home over buying a move in ready home is the fact that you can design it the exact way you want it, and you can choose the features that you really want and need. It is very difficult to find an existing home that will suit all of your needs and tastes. You can also pay more attention to the little details and have those added into the design so that your new custom home is truly unique.

move in ready home
Purchasing a move in ready home means you may have to settle for a house that isn't exactly what you need or want


Move In Ready Home: It is often difficult to know exactly what types of materials have been used to construct a home or what kind of workmanship went into building it once it is finished. It is always a good idea to get a home inspection before you decide to buy. A home inspection can advise you on a lot of major issues, but it can't find every problem that might exist.

Custom Home: Building a custom home means that you are in control of the types of materials that go into that home, you can choose to have only the best and highest quality materials, and you can see firsthand the quality of the workmanship. Using the finest materials will ensure that your home will last, require very little maintenance, and will look beautiful for years to come. You can choose quality products such as premium siding with lifetime warranties, insulated concrete forms that are stronger and more energy efficient, and weather protection systems that shut out air and water while allowing your home to breathe.

quality home materials
When building a custom home you are in control of the quality of materials used


Move In Ready Home: It is usually less expensive to purchase a move in ready home rather than a custom home. However, it really depends on where you are planning to buy. In cities like Vancouver or Toronto, house prices are incredibly high. According to The Star the average price for a detached home in Vancouver is 1.58 million dollars and according to the CBC, the average price for a detached home in Toronto in July of 2018 was 1.35 million dollars.

Custom Home: If you don't have to live in one of the expensive major cities, you may find that it is much cheaper to actually purchase land in a rural area or a smaller city or town and build your new home there. Being able to choose a less expensive location means that you can put that extra savings towards a house that you have designed according to your own needs and preferences.

Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities to buy a home in Canada followed by Toronto


Move In Ready Home: With a move in ready home, you don't have the option of choosing where the home is built. You may find a home that you really like, but the location isn't the best for you. Conversely, you may find a great location, but no home that you like for sale in that location.

Custom Home: You can choose a lot in a location that you really like and then build the perfect home on that lot. If you are not sure where to start when buying a building lot, check out this helpful article “What are my options for buying vacant land and building a home?”

small town
If you can live in a smaller town or the country, you can use what you save on a lot for additional features in your custom home.

Energy Efficiency

Move In Ready Home: Older homes are generally not as energy efficient as a new home. You may find that you will spend much more on your energy bills over time if your home has not been insulated properly, or if the doors and windows are older and not energy-efficient. It can cost a lot to add that extra insulation and replace the doors and windows.

Custom Home: If you are building a custom home, you can choose to make it as energy efficient as possible. A good custom builder can make your new custom home Energy Star Certified, which means that even though you may pay a bit more in the beginning, you will use at least 10% less energy than a non-certified home, with average savings of 20%. This can translate into thousands saved over the time that you own your home.

An Energy Star certified home can save you thousands of dollars over the time you own your home


Move In Ready Home: Even though there are a number of steps that you need to follow when purchasing a pre-built home, you can usually complete the financing, viewings, making an offer, getting a home inspection, and closing within a few short months. If you are relocating because of a job transfer and your children are going to be starting school, then you may be on a tight schedule - so buying is probably a more convenient option for you.

Custom Home: It is true that if you purchase a move in ready home you will be able to move into it quicker. However, your choice may cost you time down the road. If the home that you purchase doesn't suit your needs, you may decide to renovate, which means that you could find yourself inconvenienced during this process. Many people choose to custom build their home the way they want it before moving in, and are willing to wait the extra time needed in order to avoid settling for a home that doesn't suit them and that they may have to renovate later on.

custom home in Kawartha Lakes
You may have to wait a bit longer to move into a custom built home but the wait means that you get the exact home that you want

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