Need some help in choosing between the different custom home builders in Kawartha Lakes? We can help. Read on to find out some great tips that will help you choose the best one for you. If you are looking for the best custom home or cottage builders in the Kawartha Lakes, contact Conlin Premier Construction today. You can trust Conlin to build you a custom dream home or cottage that will fit all of your needs and desires.

1. Find someone who understands your needs and wants exactly

Having a custom home built is a large project and it does take time to complete. You will be working closely with your builder, so it's important that you find one that you feel completely comfortable with. You will want someone who perfectly understands your needs and wants, and will be open to communication throughout the process.

A good builder will ask questions to find out exactly what you need, and they should be willing to answer any and all of the questions that you have. The best builders will never make you feel silly asking even the most obvious of questions; they should encourage it and put you at ease so that you can ask anything that you need to.

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2. Find someone with experience

When looking for custom home builders in Kawartha Lakes make sure that you find one that has lots of experience. A custom home is a significant investment; probably one of the biggest investments you will make, so you want to make sure that you get a builder that really knows what they are doing and has lots of experience constructing custom homes.

experienced builder
Ask how much experience the builder has with custom homes

3. Make sure that the builder does quality work

Experience alone does not ensure that the quality of the home will be up to the standards that you want.

Do a drive by: If possible drive by some of the homes that the builder has completed to get an idea about their visual appeal.

Look at photos: If you can't drive by, ask to see photos.

Take a tour: If you are able to tour a home, check out the quality of the construction features. Make sure that you take a look at the quality of the cabinetry, flooring, trim, and paint.

Ask about the "unseen" materials used: Find out what types of materials will be used in the places that you can't see such as the foundation, framing, insulation, and wiring.

quality building materials
Make sure your builder uses top quality materials inside and out

4. Find out if they have a good reputation

You can determine whether or not the builder has a positive reputation in a few different ways.

a) Interview previous clients: You can ask previous clients about their experience with the builder. People usually are willing to tell you if they are happy with their new home and they almost always are more than willing to tell you if they aren't happy. Try to talk with more than one customer to get a well-rounded picture. Some good questions to ask include:

  • Are you happy with your home? If not, why aren't you happy?
  • Did you find any issues or problems with your home and if so, were they addressed and fixed properly and in a timely matter?
  • Would you choose to have this builder build you another home or would you recommend them to your friends and family members?

b) Check your local home builders’ association: You can go online to your local home builders association and find a list of builders in your desired area.

c) Check online sources: Check out online reviews for the builder to see what customers are saying about them. You can also check out the Better Business Bureau to verify that the builder has a good reputation.

custom home builders
Ask for references and check online sources to find the best builder in your area

5. Ensure that you'll see blueprints before construction

Get a promise from the builder that you will see blueprints before construction begins. Seeing the blueprints ahead of time will allow you to make sure that the layout is exactly how you want it. It's much simpler and less expensive to alter a blueprint than it is to alter walls once they are up.

6. Ask about their warranty

In 1976, the Government of Ontario established the Ontario Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act to protect consumers who purchase a new home by making sure that builders follow the rules of this provincial legislation. This program is now known as Tarion New Home warranty. Make sure that your builder is registered with Tarion.

The new home warranty covers the following items:

  • Protection for any deposits you have made
  • Protection against any financial loss for contract homes that you may incur
  • Compensation if there is a delay in closing or the occupancy of your new home
  • Protection against substitutions that you haven't authorized
  • One and two year warranties for certain defects in workmanship and materials used
  • A seven year warranty for any major structural defects to your home
  • Coverage for​ the common or shared areas of condominium buildings also known as the condominium comm​on elements

To learn more about the Tarion New Home Warranty, click here

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Conlin Premier Construction logo

Conlin Premier Construction: The Best of all the Custom Home Builders in Kawartha Lakes

Conlin Premier Construction is one of the top custom home builders in Kawartha Lakes; you can trust them to construct your perfect custom dream home. If you are looking for a custom home, built exactly to your liking and with the high quality you deserve, contact Conlin Premier Construction. You can rely on Conlin to help you build a house that is the right fit for you and your family.

At Conlin, we do all of the work ourselves and we have our own sub-contractors who do the mechanical work. This means that we can be in charge of the quality control on every part of your home's construction, from start to finish. And we make sure that you are with us all through the process. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal and that is why we prioritize excellent communication.

The following video will further explain why Conlin is the best for custom homes in Kawartha Lakes.

At Conlin Premier Construction we have over 30 years of experience building custom homes, custom cottages, additions, and unique outbuildings with the highest standard of workmanship and all of our homes are backed by the Tarion New Home warranty. If you are looking for a premier builder in the Kawartha Lakes region that you can trust, talk to the professionals at Conlin and then contact us today for a no obligation quote.