There is nothing more beautiful, personalized, and inviting than a custom home in Ontario built especially to fit the lifestyle of you and your family. Full customization, superior quality and lower costs over time are only a few of the great benefits you will enjoy by having a custom home designed and constructed just for you. If you want to build a custom home in the Kawartha Lakes Region and are looking for a quality builder you can trust, contact Conlin Premier Construction today. You can rely on the expert builders at Conlin to construct your custom home with the best materials and craftsmanship available Contact Conlin today for a free consultation.

Benefits of Building a Custom Home Ontario

Conlin custom home
Full customization, superior quality, and lower costs over time are some of the great benefits of a custom built home

Full Customization

If you build a custom home, you will have the freedom to choose the perfect design and layout for your particular tastes and needs. Choosing to go with a custom builder instead of buying a "cookie cutter" home that wasn't designed for you allows you to get a home that will accommodate your family - not the majority of families.

You will be able to choose everything that goes into your new home including the cabinetry, flooring, wall colours, trim, fixtures, lighting, and more. Everything that you want can be included, as long as it fits into your budget. You get to choose the custom building products and the result will be a home that truly reflects your personality.

As your home begins to take shape, you will have the envious opportunity to make minor tweaks along the way as you see the layout unfold. This is so important, as sometimes it's difficult to visualize what something will look like from a drawing. However, once you see the space you will have a better idea of what is going to work best for you.

Custom home Ontario
You get to choose everything like flooring, wall colours, trim, fixtures, lighting, etc. when you build a custom home

Superior Quality

If you construct a custom home, you get to decide on the quality of the materials that go into your home. You won't have to settle for second best as you might have to if you were buying a pre-built home, where corners may have been cut to keep the profit margins up.

The top custom builders like Conlin Premier Construction only work with the highest quality materials and they don't cut corners when it comes to craftsmanship. If you are building a custom home, you are able to be on-site from time to time to see for yourself that the best craftsmanship is going into the building of your new home.

top custom builders
Top custom builders like Conlin only use the best materials and workmanship

Lower Costs Over Time

Custom homes often cost more initially, but the savings over time makes that initial extra investment worth it. If only the highest quality materials go into building your custom home and only the finest workmanship, then that means that your home is going to last longer. You won't have to worry about fixing or replacing items in a few short years. This should mean that you will have less maintenance over time as your home will need fewer repairs along the way.

You can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your custom home comes with a new home warranty as mandated by the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act . If for any reason an issue arises once you have taken possession of your home, you can contact your builder to get it resolved.

quality built home
A quality built home means that you will have lower maintenance over time as your home will need fewer repairs.

Benefits of Choosing Conlin as Your Custom Home Builder

Conlin Has 30 Years Experience

Conlin has over 30 years of experience building custom homes, custom cottages, additions, and unique outbuildings. During that time, they have acquired a well-deserved reputation for the highest standard of workmanship on all of their projects. If you are looking for a premier builder in the Kawartha Lakes region that you can trust, talk to the professionals at Conlin Premier Construction.

" My husband and I contracted Conlin Premier Construction Inc. to build our home in August 2015. Both Larry and Jake were a pleasure to work with. They worked within our short time frame with integrity, communication and humour! Larry made sure that there were no surprises along the journey and that the project moved efficiently. Larry and Jake reduced the stress involved with building a house with open communication, transparency and trust. They really moved mountains to help our family move in ahead of schedule! We are thrilled with the quality of every feature of our home, inside and out! We felt Larry was very approachable and transparent throughout the project. We highly recommend Conlin Premier Construction Inc. to anyone who is considering them. Of note, each and every employee associated with our project was respectful, professional and approachable with our family. "

- Eileen Pettifer

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registered home builder
Conlin has acquired a well-deserved reputation for the highest standard of workmanship on all of their projects

Conlin Is a Registered Home Builder

Conlin Premier Construction is a registered home builder which means that they have the expertise to qualify for Tarion certification. Not every builder can earn this certification. This means that if you choose a Tarion certified builder, you can rest assured knowing that your builder has the capability and the experience required to construct a high quality home.

In order to become a Tarion certified builder, you must have completed the following seven educational competencies, which Conlin has done:

  1. Business Planning and Management
  2. Financial Planning and Management
  3. Project Management and Supervision
  4. Legal Issues in Housing
  5. Building Codes in Ontario
  6. Construction Technology
  7. Customer Service and Tarion Requirements
Conlin Premier Construction
Conlin is a family-owned business that really cares about their customers and will listen to their ideas

Conlin Will Listen to Your Ideas

Conlin customers appreciate the fact their ideas are listened to and that Conlin does everything that you want. When you choose to work with Conlin, you will be dealing with a family owned and operated business that cares about their customers - not a huge corporation. You and your opinions will be valued and Conlin will work with you to make sure that the dream home you have envisioned is exactly the one that you get. Conlin Premier Construction customers have been so pleased with the results and the high quality of work that they do, that they have become repeat customers.

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Conlin Premier Construction

Conlin Premier Construction: For Your Finest Custom Home Ontario

Conlin Premier Construction is an experienced builder that you can trust for your finest custom home, Ontario. For custom home construction as well as, renovations, and additions, you can depend on Conlin. We have the expertise to complete your project exactly to your specifications and with the high quality of workmanship that you deserve. Contact Conlin Premier Construction today to get your custom home started.

At Conlin, we do all of the work ourselves and we have our own sub-contractors who do the mechanical work. This means that we can be in charge of the quality control on every part of your home's construction, from start to finish. And we make sure that you are with us all through the process. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal and that is why we prioritize excellent communication.

The following video will further explain why Conlin is the best for custom homes in Kawartha Lakes.

At Conlin Premier Construction, we have over 30 years of experience building custom homes, custom cottages, additions, and unique outbuildings with the highest standard of workmanship and all of our homes are backed by the Tarion New Home warranty. If you are looking for a premier builder in the Kawartha Lakes region that you can trust, talk to the professionals at Conlin and then contact us today for a no obligation quote.