Introducing one of the best Peterborough home builders: Conlin Premier Construction. Contact Conlin today to start your custom home, cottage or renovation.

Peterborough Home Builders: Conlin Premier Construction

What makes Conlin Premier Construction one of the best Peterborough home builders? Read on to find out.

1.Conlin Has Over 30 Years of Experience

Don't trust your custom construction to an inexperienced builder. At Conlin Premier Construction, we have over 30 years of experience building custom homes, custom cottages, additions, and unique outbuildings in Peterborough, Ontario and the surrounding Kawartha Lakes.

Over the years, we have acquired a well-deserved reputation for the highest standard of workmanship on all of our projects. If you are looking for a premier builder in the Peterborough, region that you can trust, talk to the professionals at Conlin Premier Construction.

experienced Peterborough home builder
Conlin's experience and expertise make them a top Peterborough home builder

2.Conlin Is Passionate about What They Do and It Shows

We are passionate about our work: At Conlin Premier Construction, we are truly passionate about our work and it shows in every project we work on. We do everything ourselves from the footings up. This means that we can be quality control on every aspect of your build. Our reputation is important to us, so we want to make sure that each part of your custom construction is worthy of our name.

We use top-end materials: At Conlin we use only top-end materials with life-time warranties. You deserve the best. If you choose to work with Conlin, you get to decide on the quality of the materials that go into your home. You won't have to settle for second best as you might have to if you were buying a pre-built home with another builder, where corners may have been cut to keep the profit margins high.

We are highly skilled craftsmen: As a top Peterborough custom home builder, we don't cut corners when it comes to craftsmanship. We have the skill to complete high quality work within our stated timeframe. If you are building a custom home with us, you can be on-site whenever you choose to see for yourself that the best craftsmanship is going into the building of your new home.

At Conlin we love what we do and it shows in the final product

3.Conlin Will Exceed Your Expectations with Exceptional Customer Service

We will give you exceptional customer service: At Conlin we understand that exceptional customer service, is key to a successful new build. You deserve a home builder who will go out of their way to make sure that you are more than satisfied with the result. They will do their utmost to exceed your expectations. That is exactly what we do at Conlin.

We will listen to you: If you build with Conlin, we will listen to your idea and wishes; and we will do everything we can to provide you with exactly what you want not what we want.

We care about you: When you choose to work with Conlin, you will be dealing with a family owned and operated business that cares about their customers - not a huge corporation. You and your opinions will be valued, and Conlin will work with you to make sure that the dream home you have envisioned is exactly the one that you get.

We are reliable: At Conlin, we take pride in the fact that we are one of the most reliable home builders in Peterborough. We know that you are on a schedule, so we are very sensitive to this and will work hard to stay on time. However, that doesn't mean cutting corners on quality to get the job done faster! We are skilled enough to do the high quality work you deserve within a reasonable and efficient timeline.

home builders in Peterborough
Conlin is a family owned business that really cares about their customers

4.Conlin Is Qualified to Do the Job Right

We are a registered home builder: Conlin Premier Construction is a registered home builder. Only homes that are constructed by a registered home builder in Ontario are considered legally built homes. Any homes built by non-registered builders, or builders whose registration has expired, are considered illegal in Ontario. To find out if the builder you are considering is currently registered to legally build you a home, consult the Ontario Home Builders' Directory.

We are Tarion certified: At Conlin we have the expertise to qualify for Tarion certification. Not every builder can earn this certification. If you choose a Tarion certified builder, you can rest assured knowing that your builder has the capability and the experience required to construct a high quality home. To find out more about Tarion certification, check out our post "What is Tarion Certification?"

We are an Energy Star Builder: Conlin Premier Construction is an Energy Star builder. All of our custom homes and cottages are Energy Star Certified which means that even though you may pay a bit more in the beginning, you will use at least 10% less energy than a non-certified home, but the average savings is 20%. This can mean thousands of dollars saved over your time of ownership. Energy Star homes are:

  • Built Better: Energy Star certified new buildings are designed and built to extremely high standards from start to finish
  • Certified: Energy Star new buildings have been inspected, tested and verified to ensure that they meet strict environmental requirements
  • More Energy Efficient: An Energy Star new home or cottage is much more energy efficient than an average new home that isn't energy star certified which will save you money on fuel costs and help to preserve the environment.
qualified home builder
Conlin is a registered, Tarion certified and Energy Star builder

5.Conlin's Customers Have Great Things to Say about Us

Our customers are our greatest form of advertisement. They have been so pleased with the results of our work that they are happy to share their experiences with you. Some have also become repeat customers.

"I have used Conlin Premier Construction on many projects... Jake Conlin is building a reputation in the Peterborough are as Superb Contractor. I would not hesitate to recommend this Company to anyone who is looking for a Construction Contractor."

- Warren Lynch

"They worked within our short time frame with integrity, communication and humour! Larry made sure that there were no surprises along the journey and that the project moved efficiently.... They really moved mountains to help our family move in ahead of schedule! We are thrilled with the quality of every feature of our home, inside and out!"

- MP

"I would recommend Conlin Premier Construction to anyone who wants their home built by experienced people who know what is needed to meet your expectations."

- Hilda Johnson

"They listened to our ideas and had the plans drawn up to include everything we wanted... Again, the work was very well done and looks great."

- Denise Powell

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home builder with a great reputation
At Conlin, our customers are our greatest advertiment

Services Conlin Provides

At Conlin Premier Construction, we are a family owned business with three decades of experience and expertise in the custom construction industry. We are located in Peterborough, Ontario and we specialize in new custom home builds as well as:

  • Custom additions
  • Renovations
  • Decks and fences
  • Excavation, and backfill
  • Footings, foundations and underpinning
  • Weepers and drain
  • Construction drawings and permit applications
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Conlin Premier Construction: Peterborough Home Builders You Can Trust

You can trust Conlin Premier Construction with your new home construction. We care about the work that we do and the complete satisfaction of our customers. We have the experience that you need to get the finest custom home in Peterborough.

For custom home construction as well as renovations and additions, you can depend on Conlin. With our expertise, we will complete your project exactly to your specifications and with the high quality workmanship that you deserve.

Conlin Premier Construction logo

At Conlin, we do all of the work ourselves and we have our own sub-contractors who do the mechanical work. This means that we can be in charge of the quality control on every part of your home's construction, from start to finish. And we make sure that you are with us all through the process. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal and that is why we prioritize excellent communication. If you are looking for a premier builder in the Peterborough region that you can trust, talk to the professionals at Conlin and contact us today for a no obligation quote.